Zoom Body Fragrance Blend 857

Body Fragrance Blend 857


L’ASCARI continues to break the mould with their new roll-on fragrances for both him and her and with unique fragrances the brand also has all ages covered. With 8 intriguing blends there is sure to be one (or a few) that will appeal to everyone. 


Rub roller ball on pulse points of the body. Apply as often as desired.

Made from coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance.

Handmade in Australia in small batches.

Stainless steel roller ball  and 15 ml 


Blend 206 - bergamot, violet, amber, oakmoss, vetiver, black pepper, musk.

Blend 312 - sweet basil, lime, mint, geranium, linden blossom, cyclamen, amber.

Blend 340 - gardenia, cyclamen, frangipani, balsam, rosewood, jasmine.

Blend 625 - amber, lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, orange, oakmoss.

Blend 857 - green olive, olive leaf, lemon thyme, bergamot, musk, amber


Body Fragrance Blend 857