Organic Earmuff Brooklyn

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A classic Toshi baby beanie knitted from the finest quality 100% certified organic cotton yarn.

The Toshi Organic Earmuff Brooklyn features ear flaps for protection of precious ears from the elements.

The fully lined beanie is soft and gentle on delicate babies.



- Ear flaps for protection from the elements

- Textured reverse knit 

- Fully lined



Vertified 100% organic cotton yarn


Sizing Chart


XXS - Premmy - Newborn - 37cm head circumference 

XS -  Up to 8 months - 43cm head circumference 

S - 8 months to 2 years  - 52cm head circumference 

M - 2 years to small grown up - 54cm head circumference 

L - big kid - grown up - 56cm head circumference