About Us

IWIN was born out of one of those “holiday time” crazy ideas. The ones you have when your find time in your life to think and maybe drink too many glasses of bubbles.

I was sick of travelling great distances to purchase the current lifestyle and homewares trends. I was also pretty keen to provide a second income to our family, while we were experiencing tough times in the dairy industry. Yes, my husband and I also own and operate a 700 cow dairy farm while raising our two teenagers. I have always been one of those people that operate better being busy.

I returned from that holiday in 2014 and attended the Melbourne Gift Show and IWIN was originally created as a six-month pop up shop during the busy tourist time.  Needless to say, it went better than expected and I just loved everyone’s enthusiasm for our products and the overwhelming support. We moved to our bigger current location in 2016 and have proceeded to fill it to the brim.

IWIN is located in the historic tourist area of High Street, Echuca. Surrounded by amazingly yummy eateries of which creates a daily dilemma of “what’s for lunch today”. We operate 7 days and would very much love to welcome you in store on your next visit to Echuca/Moama.

With this new adventure online, we aim to give you a taste of all our gorgeous homewares, gifts and lifestyle products. Please enjoy browsing.