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Make Me Iconic | Taco Time

  • Is it Taco Tuesdaze yet? Not yet, but it doesn't matter because everybody loves taco time and this kit is the modern day real-deal version! Ole! Create your own proper Taqueria at home and raise a faithful love to Mexican food. Let their Taco's be just a bit more fancy and match-in with the "in the moment" harmonizing ingredients, such as grilled prawn on a stick, shredded beef, fish or red onion - and all with a zesty squeeze of lime juice on top.

    Pay attention to the flavours and spices and why not chuck in some hot chilli, coriander and sour cream while you're there. Si! This wooden taco kit has an extensive and well-considered ingredients list for today's little Mamita or Muchacho. Choose your own taco combo and get inspired - your only limit is the amount of delicious toppings you can pile into your taco shell! And the best bit? No knives or forks required. Invite your friends over and start a fiesta with our beautiful wooden iconic taco kit! Hurra!


    Ages 3+

    Sturdy wooden construction

    Authentic design & colours

    25cm (L) x 14cm (H) x 12cm (W) - box size

    Complete with 2 x Stand up wooden Taco Shells, 2 x Paper Bags, x1 Beef Strips, x1 Beef Mince, x1 Fish, x1 Cheese, x1 Red Onion, x1 Tomato Salsa, 2 x Prawns on a stick, 1 x Chilli, 1 x Lime Wedge, Felt Lettuce and Felt Parsley plusa Sour Cream Jar with Spoon + Lid and Bottle of Chilli Sauce

    Designed to comply with Australian toy standards & made with non toxic paints

    Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box

Make Me Iconic | Taco Time